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Intersoft ClientUI® includes a vast array of advanced, MVVM-ready input controls to enhance your business applications with sophisticated editing experience, ranging from numeric updown, masked input, currency editor, datetime editor, multi-range slider bar, to high-performance file upload control and much more.

Standards-compliance usability features are built into the control architecture of many input controls which includes focus management, keyboard focus visual, and access key. Some input controls support advanced editing behaviors such as in UXMaskedInput, UXDateTimeEditor and UXCurrencyEditor.

UXDateTimePicker features a sleek, innovative user interface leveraging the richness of Silverlight's graphics and animations, allowing users to intuitively select the date from the calendar and tab through the analog clock control to select the time. The UXSliderBar and UXRangeSliderBar controls include many advanced features you need to capture determinate input, allowing users to drag the visual thumb to choose a value.

UXCalendar, UXRating and UXSpinner controls come with professional Aero-style theme equipped with stunning animation. These controls offer advanced features not available in other solutions, such as pixel-based precision in UXRating and multiple month with extended selection mode in UXCalendar.

The UXFileUpload control sports professional file upload interface suitable for business applications, complete with
realtime upload progress animation. It also includes ASP.NET server-side handler that supports smart file chunk and multiple upload worker processes, thus maximizing the upload throughput by two times.

In This Section

The following table lists the advanced input controls available in ClientUI.

A multi-purpose content control with two spinner buttons.
A versatile, rich-featured calendar control with multiple month
display and extended selection mode.
A sleek, innovative analog clock control supporting display and
edit mode.
An editing control specialized designed for currency input
featuring intuitive editing behaviors.
A date time editing control with built-in up/down spinner button.
An innovative date time editing control with comprehensive
culture, standards and custom formatting support.
A sophisticated date time editing control with built-in dropdown
featuring intuitive input through calendar and an analog clock.
An items control with built-in up and down spinner button.
A high-performance, MVVM-ready file upload control with unique
smart file chunk mechanism and multiple upload workers support.
A versatile masked input control with advancing caret editing
behavior and standard mask characters support.
An editing control specialized designed to input number value
equipped with up and down spinner button.
A highly customizable rating control featuring pixel-perfect
precision, automatic tooltip, and easy configuration.
A rich, multi-range slider bar control featuring customizable
tick bar placement, exact decimal precision, snap to tick, and more.
An intuitive slider bar control featuring customizable orientation,
small change and large change, automatic tooltips and more.